Detailed Description of Booking a Service Call

If you are reading this, you really want all the details. Here they are.

By coming to this website you have taken the first steps towards solving your computer problems. The next step is to pick up the telephone and call us. The numbers are on all of our web pages.

Once you do, you will be greeted first by our automated call attendant. You will be given several choices. The ones that matter at this stage are numbers one and two. I plan to discuss them out of order. Yeah I know. Lots of reasons I should go in order. But don't be alarmed it will make sense.

If you want to purchase computer hardware or software select number two. You will be directed to our hardware partner Signa Computer Systems. They are where Around The Clock I.T. Solutions Ltd. shops. They are excellent at what they do.

If you want a technician to talk to you, select number one. Please keep in mind that we are in business to do face to face service calls where ever you are. So that we can stay in business, we try to limit phone calls to ten minutes or less.

The technician will ask you about your computer issues and assess your situation. If the technician thinks a repair can happen in ten minutes or less they will have you try some fixes. If the fixes work, excellent, now tell all your friends and colleagues about us and how great we are. If we can't address your issue over the phone, it is time to book a service call.

During the phone call the technician will tell you that,

  • we have won awards for business excellence decided by consumers,
  • we are a member of the Better Business Bureau,
  • that we accept cash, Visa and Mastercard
  • we charge $85.00 for a service call, which include the first half hour of technician's time
  • after the first half hour we charge $105.00 per hour in 0.1 hour increments (six minute increments)
  • payment is due before the technician leaves your place unless other arrangements have been made

Although most of the time a service call means a solution, sometimes a repair is not cost effective and replacing faulty equipment makes sense. We will do our best to assess that quickly. We charge for time, not per repair.

If you need a visit at a specific time, it is best to book a morning service call. This is because we can never really be sure how long a service call will take and our first call can make us early or late to our next call.

Usually, we can get out to see you within a few hours.

Since we have a team of technicians, the person you talk to may not be the same as who visits you. If that is the case, you will be transferred to the tech that will come out to see you. You will then finalize the details and give the technician your name, address, phone number and email address.

When the technician meets you face to face, they will treat you with respect and appreciate the same in return. You will take them to the problematic equipment. They will ask you questions and tell you what they are doing. They will work to fix your problem. This may include researching your specific symptoms on the Internet. It may be by changing parts. It may be by running repair programs. We do not know everything, but we do know where to find out about almost anything. It is that knowledge and experience we charge for. Sometimes going to get parts is required. We will do that.

Once you and the technician decide that the work is complete, unless circumstances prevent it, the tech will create an invoice for you and receive your payment.

If you have any problems, please call back. If we made a mistake, or if hardware we supplied fails, we will warranty our work for 30 days. If a job was not finished, we will complete it. If we are completing a job, that we thought was complete, we will charge for our time. We will not charge another service call charge. We will charge only the time it takes. We will not apply any minimum time charge rule. Please note that no warranty work will be performed until the original work has been paid for.